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7.3.1 ContactView features

These features provide a simplified view of GeoSciML Contact Features. In GeoSciML terms this will be an instance of a MappedFeature with key property values from the associated ContactFeature summarized in text (data type xs:string) fields, and properties suffixed with ‘_uri’ that contain URIs referring to other resources, for example controlled concepts in published vocabularies.

Elements in ContactView mapped feature scheme

Missing values should be specified using OGC nil values as below:

above detection range (AboveDetectionRange)
Value was above the detection range of the instrument used to estimate it.
below detection range (BelowDetectionRange)
Value was below the detection range of the instrument used to estimate it.
There is no value
The correct value is not readily available to the sender of this data. Furthermore, a correct value may not exist
The value will be available later
The correct value is not known to, and not computable by, the sender of this data. However, a correct value probably exists
The value is not divulged

Alternatively you could use INSPIRE defined void reaons

Bold property names indicate required properties.

Whilst properties of type _uri are defined as xs:string in the GeoSciML-Portrayal 4.0 schema, to be conformant with GML SF-0, the intention is that these strings SHALL BE absolute URI’s.

NameImplementation data typeNotes
identifierxs:stringGlobally unique identifier for the individual feature. Recommended practice is that this identifier be derived from the primary key for the spatial objects in the source data in case information needs to be transferred from the interchange format back to the source database. This identifier is analogous to the identifier for a GeoSciML MappedFeature.
namexs:stringDisplay name for the Contact. Examples: ‘depositional contact’, ‘unconformity’, ‘Martin-Escabrosa contact
descriptionxs:stringText description of the contact, may be a generic description of a contact type taken from an entry on a geological map legend, or a more specific description of the particular contact.
contactTypexs:stringText label specifying the kind of surface separating two geologic units including primary boundaries such as depositional contacts, all kinds of unconformities, intrusive contacts, and gradational contacts, as well as faults that separate geologic units. Ideally this would be the preferred label for the concept identified by contactType_uri
observationMethodxs:stringMetadata snippet indicating how the spatial extent of the feature was determined. ObservationMethod is a convenience property that provides a quick and dirty approach to observation metadata.
positionalAccuracyxs:stringPreferred use is a quantitative value defining the radius of an uncertainty buffer around a MappedFeature, e.g. a positionAccuracy of 100 m for a line feature defines a buffer polygon of total width 200 m centered on the line. Some other text description that quantifies position accuracy may be provided, e.g. a term from a controlled vocabulary. Vocabulary used should be described in the dataset metadata.
sourcexs:stringText describing feature specific details and citations to source materials, and if available providing URLs to reference material and publications describing the geologic feature. This could be a short text synopsis of key information that would also be in the metadata record referenced by metadata_uri.
contactType_urixs:stringURI referring to a controlled concept from a vocabulary defining the Contact types. Mandatory property - if no value is provided then a URI referring to a controlled concept explaining why the value is nil must be provided.
The current CGI controlled vocabulary is:
There is no INSPIRE specific controlled vocabulary for contact type.
OneGeology-Europe services applied one of the following CGI vocabulary terms:
impact_structure_boundary, volcanic_subsicence_zone_boundary, glacial_stationary_line
specification_urixs:stringURI referring to the GeoSciML Contact feature that describes the instance in detail. Mandatory property - if no value is provided then a URI referring to a controlled concept explaining why the value is nil must be provided.
metadata_urixs:stringURI referring to a formal metadata record describing the provenance of data.
genericSymbolizerxs:stringIdentifier for a symbol from standard (locally or community defined) symbolization scheme for portrayal. There should be an SLD file available defining the symbol associated with each genericSymbolizer value.
shapeGM_ObjectGeometry defining the extent of the feature of interest. This is the only element with complex content, and must contain a GML geometry that is valid for the Geography Markup Language (GML) simple features profile (OGC 06-049r1.). The shape value will generally be provided by GIS software, and will need no user input.
Other attribute(s)A placeholder allowing any user-defined attributes to be delivered in addition to those specified above.

Section last modified: 9 December 2015