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Home > How to serve a OneGeology WMS > Setting up a MapServer WMS > Configuring your MapServer WMS > Step-by-step Installing the exemplar services into an existing MS4W installation

If you have downloaded the complete MS4W with exemplar zip, you should skip this section. This section is only for people wanting to install the exemplar services into an existing version of MS4W.

Obtain the OneGeology template application in the 20Mbytes approx. sized file from the BGS FTP website (

If you are using a web browser clicking on this URL may take you directly to it without requesting a password. If you prefer to use the older DOS prompt style FTP user interface then as normal with such anonymous ftp services enter anonymous if prompted for a userid and type your email address as the password to allow the FTP manager to monitor who is using the service.

Unzip the OneGeology template application to the same drive and directory level as the MS4W resulting from the MapServer installation e.g. if you installed MS4W on C:\MS4W then point the unzip extract to C:\. It should create a number of files inside the ms4w directory. The main part of the two example applications are inside a BGS_Bedrock_and_Superficial_Geology directory (for the shapefile based example) and BGS_Bedrock_Raster_Map directory (for the image file based example) which will be created inside ms4w\apps. You should copy the appropriate one to a directory named appropriately for your service.

Section last modified: 11 June 2013

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