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6.1 The complete registration process

  1. Complete the online data coordination and buddy forms as detailed in Section 6 after reading the latest version of this ‘Cookbook’ to understand the different technical options available to you as a Geological Survey. The cookbook reader will ideally be the survey’s web applications installer and a geoscientist who can provide the digital data to be served.
  2. Once you have completed the forms, you will be allocated a password; this will allow you to use the discussion forum to place queries about setting up WMS’ and receive answers from the OneGeology technical community. At this stage you will either use the cookbook and provided MapServer software to set up a draft WMS service, or used your own WMS software to do this, or provide another, perhaps neighbouring, Geological Survey with your data if they have agreed to serve the WMS of your data for you - as a ‘buddy’.
  3. Email with your draft URL of your proposed WMS service. Include in this email:
    • The name of the geographical area
    • the name of the data provider organization,
    • the name of the service provider organization
  4. The OneGeology secretariat will check that they have written confirmation that the service provider owns the right to serve the proposed data and/or has permission from the data provider to serve that data.
  5. The secretariat will check the proposed WMS according to the OneGeology naming rules [see this cookbook Section 2]
  6. Once the naming rules are accepted OneGeologyHelp will contact BRGM the(OneGeology Portal hosts) with the WMS URL. BRGM will enter the service in the ‘Catalogue of Registered Services’ and will check any technical points with the service provider.
  7. When the service is fit for registration BRGM will email the OneGeology secretariat and your OneGeology WMS Service will now be officially registered and its layers are now visible in the OneGeology Portal (e.g. in the “add layers” button).
  8. As the reference information stored in the registry comes from your service directly it is highly recommended if you need to make major changes to your WMS service, to modify your WMS service first and then ask the BRGM registry (email: to be updated.
  9. If you have any queries please contact

Section last modified: 28 June 2013


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