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ESRI Grant Offer

Reference: OneGeology Grant Offer

OneGeology has agreed a grant offer with ESRI (GIS mapping & software company). This grant offer is non- exclusive and open to all those geological surveys participating in OneGeology. Grantees will agree to publish and make their data available though the OneGeology infrastructure. The full grant offer is detailed below. The implementation of the grant offer will be through ESRI’s national and regional business units. Details on how to apply are provided below.

  • The performance and effectiveness of the grant and any issues which arise will be monitored by ESRI and the OneGeology Executive and reported to the Steering Group.

1. The Grant Offer

Software & support

To support participants of OneGeology, ESRI will donate the following to support the technical backbone of this infrastructure:

  • One copy of the ArcGIS system, which includes the following:
    • One copy of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo)—complete GIS for data creation, update, query, mapping, and analysis
    • One copy of ArcGIS Server (Standard Enterprise edition)—gateway for storing, managing, and sharing multiuser geodatabases stored in a database management system (DBMS) and for publishing you geological data on the internet
    • One copy of the ESRI Geoportal Server
    • One copy of ArcGIS for INSPIRE

Providing a fully supported, stable platform that allows organizations, such as the OneGeology participants, with diverse and changing geospatial resources located throughout their enterprise a means to provide quick access to these resources regardless of location or type.

  • One free Virtual Campus training for one student for the following classes:
    • Learning ArcGIS Desktop
    • Editing in ArcGIS Desktop
  • One free pass for the annual ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, California, for the first year of the program. (Participant is responsible for travel, meals, and housing costs. Thereafter, conference attendance is by fee or free with paid software maintenance.)


  • Maintenance (technical support and upgrades) including the following:
    • The first year (12 months) of maintenance is provided at no cost.
    • Any software updates on software donated during the first year.
    • After the first year, maintenance with a 50% discount will be paid to a local ESRI distributor for continued technical support. In countries where ESRI does not have a local ESRI office or distributor, technical support will continue with paid maintenance at 50% discount via ESRI's corporate office in Redlands, California.

2. Requirements of the grantee

  • Grantees will agree to publish and make their data available through the OneGeology infrastructure
  • Eligible participants for the OneGeology Grant Program are the geological survey organizations participating in the OneGeology program. Grants are made to institutions, not to individuals.
  • One grant per country will be offered.
  • Maintenance after the first year will be provided at a 50% discount
  • Grantees will be asked to sign an ESRI software license agreement.
  • Cost of shipment and taxes will be paid by the geological survey organizations.

3. Application process

  • Enrolment into the grant program is available now.
  • Geological survey organizations that are interested in participating in the grant program should contact their local ESRI distributor.
  • Find an ESRI distributor.
  • One Grant per country will be offered. That country must first be participating in OneGeology.
  • To participate in OneGeology please register.

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