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Members and membership type

Membership of OneGeology is conveyed to accepted signatories of the OneGeology Accords adopted in 2007 (and as amended in 2017) in Brighton, United Kingdom. For practical purposes, an email commitment from a recognised representative of a recognised organisation is all that is formally required. All members have the rights and responsibilities referred to in the Brighton accord.

Membership of OneGeology conveys many benefits: membership and active participation means a Member organisation has access to the world’s leading digital data management technology and resources. Membership helps Members adopt and comply with emerging technical designs and standards. Membership also provides opportunities to interact and work directly with the leading organisations and individuals in the digital geoscience data world. It will give Members personnel access to the expertise and experience of international geoscientists and informatics experts. Members are eligible to participate in working groups and committees. Membership will ensure that the data and services delivered by national and state/provincial/territorial surveys are available on a high profile global platform. It will leverage Members organisations’ research, survey and service contribution through its global presence, and its track record in spawning projects supported by regional and national funding agencies. Members will help drive the direction of geoscience cyber infrastructure to clearly define the problems, establish the solution criteria, and set priorities. Members will be helping to realise its full potential and play an integral part in its further development as the global platform to improve access to fundamental geoscience data, to the exchange of knowledge and skills to deliver that data, and to improve the interoperability of scientific data for the benefit of the users of geological knowledge across the world. Membership in OneGeology is non-lapsing but resignation is effective with 30 days of written notice to the administration.

Members who wish to ensure the continuation and progressive enhancement of OneGeology and be involved with technical evolution and governance sign the OneGeology Consortium Agreement and pay annual subscriptions for one of three subscribing membership: Principal, Associate and Corporate.

Principal Members

Participating and thus data services publishing Members who pay the membership fees become Principal Members. In addition to the rights provided to all Members, Principal Members vote on governance and financial issues and may access a number of free or reduced cost registrations to OneGeology conferences and meetings, as determined by the Board.

Associate Members

Non-profit, academic, or government organizations that support the objectives of OneGeology may become Associate Members. Associate members may provide data services but are not mandated to do so. Associate Members will be eligible to receive all OneGeology correspondence and participate in OneGeology activities within the limits of the OneGeology Brighton Accord and terms of reference for operation.

Corporate Members

Commercial entities are very welcome and may become Corporate Members, eligible to receive all OneGeology correspondence and participate in OneGeology activities within the limits of the OneGeology Accord and terms of reference for operation. The fees for Corporate Membership are not fixed and need to be agreed with the Board. Corporate Members are eligible to send up to four representatives to attend an exclusive annual technical and strategic review of emerging technologies and deployments in the OneGeology consortium.